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The Pond and The Lindells

June 6, 2014

June 7th 2014

The Pond Biography

Bob Matthews Helped Shape Rock n Roll Music and how it is recorded, now he has a last request for his, “Bucket List.”

Bob Matthews- Bass guitar, producer and inspiring sage: Bob’s career started in the 1960’s with a band named The Grateful Dead. Bob produced and engineered on many of the Dead’s classic records. “ Workingman’s Dead”, “Live Dead” and “Garcia” are just a few of his credits. Together with Betty Cantor Jackson, the team also is responsible for the live recordings of the Dead into the 1980’s. Their recordings are regarded as the greatest document of live music ever put to tape. Bob was also the first bass player for New Riders of the Purple Sage. He plays a unique custom bass made of aluminum.

David E. Brown-Studied piano with mother at age six. Started violin at age nine. Played violin through high school and college. Worked as an apprentice violin-maker in San Francisco. Studied string bass with Vernon Alley. Studied sitar with Ali Akbar Khan. Played string bass and electric bass professionally for fifty-nine years. Was a recording engineer/producer for many years including five years with Columbia Records in San Francisco. Album credits include Santana Abraxas and Santana 3, five albums with Taj Mahal and many other artists including Paul Simon and Barbara Striesand. Worked with Bob and Betty on the Grateful Dead’s “Workingman’s Dead” album while the house engineer at Pacific High Recording in San Francisco. Currently working as a singer and guitarist and teacher of music appreciation at several Santa Rosa nursing homes.

Larry Otis- Electric guitar, slide guitar and mandolin: Larry is one of the finest guitarists in the country. His playing can only be described as soulful and powerful. He has performed with Ike and Tina Turner, Billy C. Farlow of Commander Cody fame and has played on sessions for the renowned Motown label. Larry plays in many Bay Area bands and has released his own compositions as well. From his bio Larry explains,” Jerry Reed meets Sergio Leone country on steroids.”

Stan Davis- Acoustic guitar and vocals: Stan is a Colorado native who has been writing amazing songs for the past 25 years. Stan has performed his songs in his own band and has played with The Lindells and The Beautiful Loser Society as well. His songs sit right along side Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark. His songs take us to both light and dark places. His powerful voice and percussive guitar playing anchor the trio.

Bob Matthews Helped Shape Rock n Roll Music and how it is recorded, now he has a last request for his, “Bucket List.”

Bob Matthews was an integral part of Rock n Roll history. He was the “Bob,” in the famous “Bob and Betty,” duo who recorded much of the early Grateful Dead albums, both Live and Studio albums. Bob is recognized for his Live Recording and for keeping music honest and real.

In the Fall of 2012, Thanksgiving Day, Bob spent the better part of a day on the operating table in a hospital in the East Bay of California. Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer, Bob has been given limits on the time he has here on Earth. As part of his, “Bucket List,” Bob has decided to spend more time with his first love, Music.

As a young man, Bob was the first Bass Player for New Riders of the Purple Sage. Keeping up with playing with a new band, and still doing the lion’s share of the production work and sound engineering for the Grateful Dead and others, became too much, so Bob had to decide which way he wanted to go… Bob continued working with the technical side of music. The rest, as they say, is history. Bob assisted in or produced some 10 Platinum albums. He was involved as Sound Engineer for some of the Grateful Dead’s most famous tours; Europe ’72, the Pyramid Shows in Egypt, and the Wall of Sound Tour, just to name a few.

So, our request is simple; we wish to take Bob out on one last tour…this time, as a musician… Bob is an excellent bass player in his own right. He was the first bass player for New Riders of the Purple Sage, and is a valued member of The Pond, (Formerly Cement Pond,) as bass player, writer, collaborator and, of course, Producer and Sound Engineer

Lindells Biography
When JJ Cale goes dancing across the floor during your sound check, you know you’re doing it right; one more reason for the Lindells’ well deserved reputation for making music that’s “engaging, wide-ranging and diversified”. It’s inspired by the deep, high mountains and vast, lonely deserts of the American West. Their songs get inside you and dance down into your dreams – you just might wake with one of their songs in your head!

With standout songwriting and their “signature sound”, the Lindells (rhymes with bell) burn through and defy all kinds of musical boundaries with music that’s fierce and stunning. Based on breathtaking vocal harmonies and amazing, intuitive playing, the Lindells’ music grooves with their own brand of psychedelic mountain folk and rock – it’s intimate, supple and sultry, with a definitive underlying hard-earned grit.