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FIBArk after PARTY with The Fabulous Boogienauts!! Friday & Saturday 9 P.M.

June 13, 2017

If you don’t want to boogie, let loose and have an out-of-this-world experience, you might want to avoid Victoria Tavern this weekend because The Fabulous Boogienauts will be taking over. The 10-member intergalactic band will perform back-to-back sets Friday and Saturday starting at 9 p.m. both nights.

The Fabulous Boogienauts is an all-original power disco funk ensemble that hails from planet Boogus Prime, deep in the Alpha Booty System. They crashed their beloved starship, BoobyPrize, in Colorado many years ago and have never left. Before departing their planet, their government named their mission The Fabulous Boogienauts, as their goal was to “bring funk to this great galaxy.”

Band spokesperson Keith Kentucky said, “We seek out new worlds in need of life-affirming groove.”

A highlight of the band’s musical history is when their funky beats stopped an intergalactic war, Kentucky said. “It’s amazing that music can destroy conflict.”

While the amicable aliens have played many “wonderful places,” the band members agree they feel “most comfortable playing in front of the wonderful souls at the Victoria.”

Hopes for this weekend include seeing “many people on the dance floor shaking their asses off. We love the Vic and all the Earthlings that work and play there. It reminds us of our home planet of Boogus Prime.”

Kentucky said his bandmates’ least favorite part about performing is when they have to stop. “We love to keep the party alive!”

The Fabulous Boogienauts have a favorite audience, and they hope the crowds at the Vic will cooperate. “(We like) fun people shakin’ their funky butts off! Trippin’ the light fantastic! If you like to boogie and like to party, then you are our kind of people!”

4/15 Flying Balailalka Brothers

April 11, 2016

Don’t miss this show!!!

Friday April 1st, 2016 Native Color

March 28, 2016

NAtive colorHailing from Denver, Colorado, Native Color blends elements of early 2000’s alternative rock with classic sounds of the 70’s. Formed in Summer 2015, the band has already played some of Denver’s most popular club venues such as The Other Side, Larimer Lounge and The Roxy Theater. Influenced by artists like The Strokes, Pink Floyd and The Libertines, Native Color’s energetic sound is ready to travel the airwaves starting with their first single out now, “American Wasteland”.

J.J. Evanhoff

January 18, 2016

Evanoff is the musical experience created by Parker Oberholzer, Jake Hall, and JJ Evanoff from Boulder, Colorado. The high-energy trio blends together a tasteful mix of classic rock and contemporary dance music, to create a genre they call “Dream Rock”. Evanoff has been fine tuning their distinct rock influenced sound and soulfully incorporating it within the ever-growing EDM scene, in the hope to bring rock music back into the spotlight, as it should be…

Whilst the act originally started as JJ Evanoff’s solo project, it didn’t take long before it blossomed into a live ensemble incorporating Oberholzer on Bass, and Hall on drums, both of which JJ met in school at the University of Colorado Denver. JJ’s guitar melodies act as the vocalist for the group, and guide the listener on an emotional and spiritual journey, while Hall’s groovy rhythms and Oberholzer’s face melting slap bass skills keep the crowd moving, all night long.

In a musical world scene saturated by EDM and Jam-bands, Evanoff will give you a fresh perspective on what the musical world might be like if the greats such as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix were still around.

Plan Be Nov. 20th

November 20, 2015

Plan Be

Plan Be is an all original band haling from the hamlet community of Crestone, CO. They play a form of Gypsy Mountain Rock whose melodic ascensions and rhythmic thump alongside searing lyrics of the good life, the strife of life, and the fellowship with the earth will keep you going all night long. Some people have also called this music Trance Bluegrass.

Singer/songwriter and guitar player Adam Kinney comes originally from Texas where early musical influences of Nirvana and Tom Petty meshed with dreams of being a rock star. This has led to scores of songs that audiences can easily identify with and sing along, as they speak to the common struggles and joys of family, work, and striving to be a better person.

Arizona-born chopmaster Jacob Pesqueira plays the banjo like no other. Tuned GDAE and played with a guitar pick, the mesh of rhythm and melody find a perfect and infectious balance. Jacob was given a guitar by his father at age 10 and since has evolved intuitively with not only the guitar, but also mandolin, didgeridoo, and in the last few years, banjo. His influences include Django Reinhardt, Gypsy Kings, and Santana.

Plan Be’s kick drum, hi-hat, snare, and bass come from Nick Chambers. A native Coloradoan, he was influenced by an older brother to start playing the drum kit at age 10. He was playing in Denver bars at 16 and in college lived with jazz musicians whose influence of time, avant garde cadence, and funk have never left. Combining foot percussion with the electric bass is like a cerebrally-implanted metronome, allowing each to be simple yet powerful. He still plays and is influenced by traditional Irish music, be bop jazz, and funk.

New Years Eve

November 20, 2015

Celebrate with Mo’ Champipple and the Miso Horns!! Crafted especially for you indulgence, we present this colossal concoction of players from The Lazy Aliens Blues Band and Groove Farmers.

Hayes, Epp & Bones

November 20, 2015

November 27th & 28th ! Right after the parade!!


HEB is a power trio consisting of 3 of the area’s top notch musicians, Guitarist/vocalist, Bruce Hayes;
Bassist/vocalist, Martin Epp, and Percussionist/vocalist, Trevor “Bones” Davis. Playing all your classic rock, reggae and R&B favorites.
Long Description
As three of the Chaffee County areas most prominent musicians, Bruce, Martin and Bones were
destined to make music together. Since their initial show in 2012 their popularity and the demand
for the band has continued to grow. Playing Classic Rock, Reggae, R & B and a diverse mix
of originals this band keeps mixing it up all night while never straying from infectious dance-ability. Whether booking a Nightclub show or a Concert venue you will be hard
pressed to find a power trio of this caliber today. Reminiscent of Cream; West, Bruce and Lang in dynamics and sheer in your face attitude and experience.

Two Faces West

August 18, 2015

Thursday night at 9 we have:

Two Faces West is a unique “crankin’ electric blues” group that was founded in the small, beautiful mountain town of Gunnison, Colorado. Guitarist/vocalist Kurt Ashmore, bassist Quinn Bryant, and drummer Mick Knudsen, established a tight three-piece power trio over their years at Western State Colorado University, with a goal of sharing there unique rockin’ mountain sound with the world. The group recorded and released their first self-produced EP titled “Gunni Town Blues” on May 9th 2015. It tells their musical story of life in this bittersweet mountain town.

The group has made their presence well-known on the Western Slope of Colorado, playing in several different cities and sharing the stage with many notable acts such as Gramatik, The Grant Farm, Yamn, and the Magic Beans. With the completion of college under their belts by Spring 2015, Two of the Faces are heading to the Mile High City, joined by new bass player Caden Kramer, to continue writing and performing. With vast musical backgrounds and influences, TFW is a blend of genres, ranging from blues and rock to jazz and funk. From raging guitar riffs, to guitar loops, piano oldies, bass solos, and saxophones, the versatility of this group will keep you guessing all night long

The Fabulous Boogienauts

August 18, 2015

Friday & Saturday 8/21 & 22

The Fabulous Boogienauts are a ten piece all-original power disco funk ensemble from the deep recesses of space. Hailing from the planet Boogus Prime in the heart of the Alpha Booty system, we have made Denver Colorado our official home since 1996. We released a studio album this past October 2013. Our new effort 12″ Fully Funktional has been described as a masterpiece of song craft and creativity that calls all who have ears and heartbeats to get up and dance. We are actively performing local and mountain shows and are always looking to find new places to tear up. Come see us live