Victoria Tavern

Victoria Tavern

Come have a mysteriously good time at Salida's Victoria Tavern

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7/16/2017 Colony Funk ! 

July 14, 2017



Up-and-comers Colony Funk from Fort Collins will return to downtown Salida’s Victoria Tavern for an 9 P.M. show Saturday, July 15th.  We spoke with the band’s powerhouse vocalist Amanda Hofer about their recent adventures and their breakout sound.
“Every time we have been (in Salida) it has been awesome,” said Hofer. “People like to party in Salida.”
True enough. Fortunately, this party band offers a much wider appeal than traditional barroom fare. Hofer’s full-throated gospel and blues presence has inspired comparisons to Etta James and Janis Joplin. The band members are a dedicated crew assembled from close friends who brought Hofer back into music after a long hiatus . Saxophonist Dave Clapsaddle fronts the band with Hofer, and she describes his style as “the dirtiest sax you will ever hear.” They are joined by Brian Adams on guitar, Steve Cobb on keys and a rhythm section of Joe Prinsivalli (bass) and Darren Radach (drums). Colony Funk sort of conglomerates songs as a band during weekly rehearsal with Hofer sometimes freestyling vocals.
Hailing from a one-room schoolhouse community in conservative Montana, Hofer came to music late. She began singing gospel arrangements and hymns in her 20s, and people took notice, encouraging her to join the music scene. As a single mom with a real-estate career, she sang backup for an ’80s cover band. When that band developed into a hard-drilling group, she felt her love for the music was starting to take second place to the work ethic. Eventually dropped from the lineup, Hofer said said she is grateful because leaving that band allowed her to gain perspective. Her re-entry into music with Colony Funk followed a conversation with her boyfrie


nd, drummer Darren Radach, who thought it a shame she was avoiding the singing which she clearly loves. That joy is evident in Hofer’s performances.
This tight-knit group of friends travels together to gigs, often with families in tow, part of what Hofer describes as “one big family barbeque.” The musicians’ kids sometimes get into the act, though Hofer keeps it real for her son, who once climbed on stage with her and chucked his shirt into the audience. It is that kind of music.
Current projects include an EP due out this fall. The band is working on the upcoming release in Radach’s studio but bookings at festivals, clubs and parties have nurtured the band’s live sound into a rangy, super funky mash up. “Borrowing material from all different sources, old school and new school, is really the funk tradition,” said Hofer.
The band released a single and video on their website,, and on YouTube called “You Don’t Have to Go,” which was given to the band by a friend. “It’s a great tune, but that sweet, chill vibe does not really represent at all what we are doing now as a band,” Hofer confided.

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