Victoria Tavern

Victoria Tavern

Come have a mysteriously good time at Salida's Victoria Tavern

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Hayes, Epp & Bones

November 20, 2015

November 27th & 28th ! Right after the parade!!


HEB is a power trio consisting of 3 of the area’s top notch musicians, Guitarist/vocalist, Bruce Hayes;
Bassist/vocalist, Martin Epp, and Percussionist/vocalist, Trevor “Bones” Davis. Playing all your classic rock, reggae and R&B favorites.
Long Description
As three of the Chaffee County areas most prominent musicians, Bruce, Martin and Bones were
destined to make music together. Since their initial show in 2012 their popularity and the demand
for the band has continued to grow. Playing Classic Rock, Reggae, R & B and a diverse mix
of originals this band keeps mixing it up all night while never straying from infectious dance-ability. Whether booking a Nightclub show or a Concert venue you will be hard
pressed to find a power trio of this caliber today. Reminiscent of Cream; West, Bruce and Lang in dynamics and sheer in your face attitude and experience.

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