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Victoria Tavern

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Two Faces West

August 18, 2015 ,

Thursday night at 9 we have:

Two Faces West is a unique “crankin’ electric blues” group that was founded in the small, beautiful mountain town of Gunnison, Colorado. Guitarist/vocalist Kurt Ashmore, bassist Quinn Bryant, and drummer Mick Knudsen, established a tight three-piece power trio over their years at Western State Colorado University, with a goal of sharing there unique rockin’ mountain sound with the world. The group recorded and released their first self-produced EP titled “Gunni Town Blues” on May 9th 2015. It tells their musical story of life in this bittersweet mountain town.

The group has made their presence well-known on the Western Slope of Colorado, playing in several different cities and sharing the stage with many notable acts such as Gramatik, The Grant Farm, Yamn, and the Magic Beans. With the completion of college under their belts by Spring 2015, Two of the Faces are heading to the Mile High City, joined by new bass player Caden Kramer, to continue writing and performing. With vast musical backgrounds and influences, TFW is a blend of genres, ranging from blues and rock to jazz and funk. From raging guitar riffs, to guitar loops, piano oldies, bass solos, and saxophones, the versatility of this group will keep you guessing all night long

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