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Victoria Tavern

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Jon Wayne and the Pain w/ Synrgy

February 29, 2012

Midwest reggae rockers Jon Wayne and The Pain have been carving a sizable niche in the reggae-rock genre. Their 2010 sophomore re

Their 2010 sophomore release “Follow Through” builds upon the success of the group’s self-titled 2008 debut album, once again showcasing their unique mix of reggae, rock, and dub that fans can’t get enough of. Reliably packing dance floors, the perpetually touring act has really evolved in the past year on the road. Their sound continues to morph with their live Dub-Step experimentation and high energy renditions of their original and catchy recorded tracks.

Joining Jon Wayne and the Pain on their Colorado tour, Synrgy. Planted in Flagstaff AZ, Grown in Humboldt County, Smoked all over the World. SYNRGY is a Reggae Massive Movement hailing from Southern Oregon who tour across the nation spreading Positive Motivational Music that blossoms the Soul. Join in with SYNRGY


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