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Mad Dog and the Smokin’ J’s

January 31, 2012 , , , ,

With over 400 shows, 4 releases, and 8 tours across two continents since their formation in 2009, Mad Dog and the Smokin’ Js have established themselves as one of the busiest road bands in Colorado. High-energy delivery and powerful songwriting propel the power trio’s reputation as a premier Denver based roots rock’n’roll band. Be sure to check out MDSJ’s forth release “Wired and Tired” (15¢/HighFive! Records) available now! MDSJ is currently touring with their forth release and working on their fifth; due out for release in mid 2012. In 2011 the band found good success with the release which drifted away from the power rock to a more surf roots and rockabilly sound. This sound was further enhanced with the appointment of but seemed cut short with the leave of Frazier, but lead to the acquisition of current guitarist and singer Jay Nasty. The sound again evolved to a wider spectrum of country roots and punk rock influence with their forth release, “Wired and Tired” (2011 15¢/HighFive Records).

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