Victoria Tavern

Victoria Tavern

Come have a mysteriously good time at Salida's Victoria Tavern

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January 25, 2019



January 7, 2019

Hello everyone, 

Busy week coming up at the Victoria Tavern. 

•Wednesday we have Business After Hours with Chris Nasca and Bruce Hayes. From 5-7 PM, $7 donation at the door goes to the Salida Chanber of Commerce. Food, drink, and music provided. 

•Thursday night at 9, we have Wes barlow returning with his three piece band The Stark Brothers. $3 at the door

•Friday at 9 PM, $3 cover, we have Stompit; 
Stompit is a 2 person band, comprised of the 2 founding members of The Symbols, with as much sound and as much pure rock’n’roll power as their 3 piece band with a drummer. Why is that? Because Mer and Jasco stomp out beats on drums with their feet while still playing all the great tunes you know from hearing The Symbols.
This band arose out of pure necessity. Sometimes a drummer wasn’t available. Sometimes the pay was too low for a full band. Sometimes the stage too small. Stompit is a full sounding cool alternative that can work in gig situations not fit for a full band, but this unique format also translates well to larger venues.

“I wanted drum sounds in our duo, but I didn’t want to resort to an electronic solution like a drum machine or sampler because I think it takes away from the feel, and it would sacrifice the ability to keep song structures fluid. I wanted the most organic “played by real humans” approach,” states Jasco
Where Stompit differs from a silly one-man-band like Bert from Mary Poppins, is that it’s a 2 man band, where both members are already fairly well known, established, gifted guitar/bass players, with a world class singer, attempting to keep time with their feet.

•Saturday we have Public Safety at 9 PM, $4cover.

Hailing from the Mile High City, Public Safety is here to protect your right to vibe. Catchy lyrics blended with intricate musicianship, groovy goodness, and a top shelf live performance have helped shape Public Safety’s unique sound known as “gritty soul music.” After forming in 2016, the band released their first EP and quickly established themselves within the Colorado music scene, playing major festivals and venues across the state. Following the recent release of their second EP, “Lua,” and their southeast “#cookouttour” in March of 2018, the band has rapidly gained a loyal and growing fanbase nationwide. To put it simply, Public Safety brings the Thunder. Coming to a city near you!  

Public Safety consists of- Bear Buscher (lead VOX), Jimmy Jeter (Guitar), Ethan Desmond (Bass), Eric Charney (Drums)  

8/25/18 Sqwerv 9 P.M.

August 22, 2018

Come and funky after the fireworks with Sqwerv!! Sqwerv is a groovy 4 piece band from Denver, CO that draws from multiple genres including funk, indie, and psych rock, to create a sound all their own. If the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, and Phish had a baby it would surely be named Sqwerv.

Spazz Kitty live at The Victoria Tavern, Salida – The Ark Magazine

May 23, 2018

Spazz Kitty live at The Victoria Tavern, Salida – The Ark Magazine
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Cinco De Mayo 2018

May 1, 2018

A self-labeled “misfit” band of Colorado, Random Shuffle will play a show starting at 9:30 p.m. Friday at Victoria Tavern, 143 N. F. St.

The ensemble features Jeremy Brown on bass, Damien Myers on guitar, Nate Merkley, also on guitar, Simone McGinnis on trumpet, Wyatt Trigg on percussion and vocals and Rosy Emslie-Myers, 4, on egg shakers.

The band said they represent the standpoint of the service industry in Salida and aim to cater to working-class concertgoers who want variety in their local concert choices, instead of being another bluegrass cover band.

The band’s founding members, Brown and Myers, said they worked together in a restaurant for a number of months before beginning to play together. The rest fell to fate, Brown said.

“The smiles found each other,” said Trigg.

The band’s name, Random Shuffle, arose from a need to describe the music they play. Without an exact genre and sounds ranging from Santana to Primus, the band decided upon the name Random Shuffle, like on an iPod.

“We’re definitely not a bluegrass jam band,” said Myers. “When people come to our shows, they get confused, but it all sounds good together.”

They said they just released a new single, available at, called “Do It Too,” which will soon be available on iTunes and YouTube.