Victoria Tavern

Victoria Tavern

Come have a mysteriously good time at Salida's Victoria Tavern

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7/14/18 Right after Beer Fest!! Random Shuffle

July 12, 2018


6/23/18 Fire In the Pines

June 22, 2018

Spazz Kitty live at The Victoria Tavern, Salida – The Ark Magazine

May 23, 2018

Spazz Kitty live at The Victoria Tavern, Salida – The Ark Magazine
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Cinco De Mayo 2018

May 1, 2018

A self-labeled “misfit” band of Colorado, Random Shuffle will play a show starting at 9:30 p.m. Friday at Victoria Tavern, 143 N. F. St.

The ensemble features Jeremy Brown on bass, Damien Myers on guitar, Nate Merkley, also on guitar, Simone McGinnis on trumpet, Wyatt Trigg on percussion and vocals and Rosy Emslie-Myers, 4, on egg shakers.

The band said they represent the standpoint of the service industry in Salida and aim to cater to working-class concertgoers who want variety in their local concert choices, instead of being another bluegrass cover band.

The band’s founding members, Brown and Myers, said they worked together in a restaurant for a number of months before beginning to play together. The rest fell to fate, Brown said.

“The smiles found each other,” said Trigg.

The band’s name, Random Shuffle, arose from a need to describe the music they play. Without an exact genre and sounds ranging from Santana to Primus, the band decided upon the name Random Shuffle, like on an iPod.

“We’re definitely not a bluegrass jam band,” said Myers. “When people come to our shows, they get confused, but it all sounds good together.”

They said they just released a new single, available at, called “Do It Too,” which will soon be available on iTunes and YouTube.


December 15, 2017

Arkansauce!! At 9 Pm bring your dancing shoes!!!


       Arkansauce is a genre-hopping, four piece string band from northwest Arkansas, bending the rules and blurring the lines between bluegrass, newgrass, folk, americana, country, blues, and funk. With a loyal following growing every day in the Natural State and along their tour routes, the band is proud to be stepping into a hard-driving sound unique to the Arkansas quartet.

       The third album (If I Were You, released April 2017) of all original material finds the palate expanded with more complex melodies, intriguing rhythms, and hard-hitting hooks that leave the songs whirling around your head long after the listening experience.  

       The hard-working musicians are filling the calendar with upcoming appearances at premiere music festivals and venues in and around Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, New Mexico, and Missouri.  

       The band’s roots go back to 2011 when founding members Ethan Bush, Zac Archuleta, and Stephen Jolly began writing together after becoming acquainted through mutual connections in the close-knit Fayetteville music scene. After a couple of years building a repertoire of original music and releasing their first album (Hambone) as a trio, they were joined by Tom Andersen on the upright bass and Adams Collins on the five-string banjo. The road-tested chops Andersen and Collins brought to the table helped to cultivate the mature, well-rounded sound needed to accommodate their sophomore release “All Day Long.”

      An Arkansauce show is riddled with improvisational guitar, banjo, and mandolin leads, paired with powerful harmonies and heart-felt songwriting, all held together by deep foot-stompin’ bass grooves. There’s an undeniably intimate connection between the band and their fans that’s contagious and leaves everyone in front of, and on the stage wanting more. Arkansauce holds their head high, as they look forward to enjoying everything life and music has in store for them and their fans.