Victoria Tavern

Victoria Tavern

Come have a mysteriously good time at Salida's Victoria Tavern

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March, 13th Von Stomper

March 12, 2015

Inspired by the lonely, the downtrodden, and the insane– the voices of Von Stomper, a Colorado based five piece, reach into the expansive lexicon of American roots music and make it howl. Their high energy live show has left boots tattered and dance floors torn time and time again.

Since August of 2013 Von Stomper has played over one hundred shows in thirteen states and counting – sharing the stage with acts such as The Dirty River Boys, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Swear & Shake, Uncle Lucious, Wood & Wire, The Yawpers, Local H and many more. With their self-titled debut studio album-recorded at UI Soundstudios – they continue to pave their way through America’s countrysides and city skylines.

“With vintage sound and modern swagger, Von Stomper excellently couples old-time folk Americana with some rock attitude and almost vaudevillian flair. The self-titled debut shows a new band that is already chiseling its name into the American songbook with a rootsy, bluesy style and a little bit of circus freak panache.”

Marquee Magazine 6.1.14

Mo’ Champipple and the Meso Horns

June 28, 2013

Welcome Colorado Bicycle Tour! At 7 p.m. we have local Rhythm and Blues band Mo’ Champipple.Crafted especially for your indulgence, we present this colossal concoction of players from The Lazy Aliens Blues Band and Groove Farmers.

Our 30th Anniversary party!

January 19, 2012

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Good times!

January 19, 2012

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USA Pro Cycling Challenge Leaving Salida

August 25, 2011

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Yesterday, the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, began in Salida. The world’s top male cyclists rode to Crested Butte Peak in a scant 4 hours, 29 minutes, and change. A first time event, as well as, a first for Salida in terms of an event of this magnitude, and I didn’t know quite what to expect. How many people would there be? Would they – riders, crew, fans, etc.- treat the town with respect? How would they treat me? Would they tip well? How many of them would there be? Would I be able to get to work? What would the vibe be like? How excited would people be? How would we show our spirit? The answers to all these questions and more? The vibe was great. People from all walks of life were excited to be there. Crews, from volunteer to event staff, were professional and efficient. Law enforcement was present and unimposing. Mountain bikes, fixies, cruisers, and penny farthings were all present. Local musicians plucked and played together. Community, civic participation, spontaneous human and human-powered-machine  interaction were all there. Added bonus? The bar provided a fantastic vantage point, as evidenced by the slide show above. Take note of the great shot of the ‘Victoria’ sign at the race start, taken by Jeff Gross of Getty Images.


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